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Advantages of Having Two Garage Door Springs

Advantages of Having Two Garage Door Springs

March 27, 2017

Two are better than one. While this old expression may not ring true for everything, it is pretty accurate when it comes to garage door springs. These springs play a crucial role in enabling a garage door to open and close properly. So, when you have broken garage door springs, you are also left with a broken garage door.

garage door springsIn a best-case scenario, your garage door springs may break while the door is already closed. In instances such as this, you will likely hear an extremely loud noise. You may not even realize what has happened until you try to open your garage door – unsuccessfully. If your garage door springs break while the door is opening or closing, the results can be more dangerous and damaging. Since there is no longer any tension holding the garage door up, it will typically slam down. This is very dangerous if someone happens to be walking underneath the garage door, and it can even cause the garage door to crinkle if it slams down with enough force.

You are probably asking yourself now – if two are better than one, then why do so many garage doors only come equipped with one torsion spring? Unfortunately, it comes down to greed. There are many garage door companies out there who will install only one spring to save themselves time and a tiny bit of money (we’re talking maybe two or three dollars). However, it does give them a greater opportunity to make some money a little bit down the road when the one spring breaks.

As you can imagine, more stress is placed on a garage door spring when there is only one present. The average garage door spring should last for right around 10,000 open-close cycles. By having two garage door springs, you can instantly help them to last longer, since they are sharing the work. Additionally, when you have two garage door springs and one breaks, this can help to minimize any damage that is done.

The overall conclusion is that you should always install two garage door springs instead of one, as both a safety precaution and to keep your garage door working properly longer.