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How to Tell if You Need New Garage Door Springs

How to Tell if You Need New Garage Door Springs

December 10, 2016

You probably don’t stop to think about it on a regular basis, but having a functioning garage door is a true luxury. With the push of a button, opening and closing your garage door makes it easier for you to unload a car full of groceries and allows you to avoid going outside in the snow and rain. However, since you use your garage door nearly every day, there may come a time where you need to give it a little attention.

Broken springs are one of the most common garage door problems that we see. Whether your garage door springs have already broken or you think one may be going bad, following are a few signs to look out for.

How old are your springs?
garage door springsLifting a garage door up and guiding it back down is hard work. Naturally, garage door springs will start to wear out over time. For an average garage door, the springs will typically last right around seven or eight years. However, the lifespan can be shorter for springs that are working with heavier garage doors, like steel or heavy wood. If your garage door springs are seven years old, it is probably time to go ahead and replace them. If you have heavy garage doors, the springs should be replaced closer to every five years.

Does your garage door stop when it’s trying to open?
If your garage door gets stuck while it is opening, this could be a sign that the springs are wearing down. While the springs can still work occasionally, their time is limited once they start to weaken. This is when you should go ahead and call a professional, before the springs actually break.

Did you hear a loud noise in the garage?
When garage door springs finally break, it creates a very loud noise. You may think that something large fell over in your garage, and some homeowners even think it sounds like someone is trying to break in. If everything in your garage appears to be in order, then the odds are that your spring broke. Now you really will need the help of a professional, since your garage door is not going to work on its own until the spring is replaced.